The City of Fredericksburg recently upgraded our system to use a new payment processor. As part of this upgrade, all utility customers that utilize the recurring web payment option will need to delete any saved payment method(s) you may have and add a new one. Your payment information remains safe and secure through this upgrade. To re-enter your saved payment method(s): • From the My Profile tab, first delete your existing payment methods by clicking "Remove" next to the payment method. If this action prompts any pop-ups, click “OK” to proceed to the next step. • While still on the My Profile tab, click "Add a new payment method" and enter the details for the payment method you would like to use and select any options you require, then click “Add payment method to this customer” to save your new payment method. • To confirm that you have added a new payment method correctly, your newly added payment method will appear on the Make Payment or Add Credit tab listed under Existing Payment Options • If you do not see your newly added payment method, repeat the steps above. Thank you.


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